Abduction! Beta

Send cows into Space


  • Simple motion control method
  • Challenging, addictive gameplay
  • Cute, colorful graphics
  • Six difficulty levels
  • Includes playable demo of Abduction! World Attack


  • Game slows down with the audio turned on


Abduction! casts you in the role of a cow who must save his buddies by ascending up into the sky to get to the alien craft.
Of course, cows don't have wings, so in order to gain altitude in Abduction!
you need to bounce up a series of platforms. As you're bouncing you can collect power-ups that give you extra lives, change the size of the platforms, or just give you bonus points.

The controls in Abduction! are based around the accelerometer and you move the cow by tilting your phone left and right. It's remarkably simple to pick up and start playing, although it's difficult to master.
Thankfully, there are six difficulty levels, so you can work your way up gradually from 'Kids' to 'Evil Infinite'.
Besides the Quick game mode, where the objective is to get as high as you can, you also get a demo of Abduction!
World Attack. This is a stand-alone game where you travel to various scenarios across the planet in an effort to rescue the rest of the herd. The gameplay in Abduction!
World Attack is essentially the same as the standard game, but just with more variety, including different characters and backdrops.
The graphics in Abduction!
are colorful and cartoony, but the audio needs a bit of working on. In fact, the developer recommends that you leave the sound off in this beta release because it can slow down the game quite a bit.




Abduction! Beta

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